USR "Endeavor" - Fractured Space

I finished this a while back but never got around to putting it up on Artstation. Concept, asset work, materials & shaders all by myself, with design influence heavily taken from Mike Hill's excellent establishing artwork for the game.

The USR Endeavor is a light support vessel that primarily uses its deployable turrets as a means of keeping the enemy at bay. I had to design 360° coverage for the massive pods you see on the ship so that we would have turrets that are big enough to be seen & hit by other players. This forced quite a lot of the design decisions as the turrets it deploys aren't that much smaller than the ship itself.

The turret seen in the included video at the bottom was designed and animated by the awesome Darren Tucker, who also made the matinee sequences showing the ship off in said video.

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A gameplay guide video we made for the Endeavor that shows the ship in action.

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