Titan Defence Systems "Equalizer" - Fractured Space

Concept art by Long Ouyang https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VaXxg

For Edge Case's Fractured Space. I was tasked to rebuild this ship as optimized as possible while pushing the quality bar, arriving at 184k tris and 8 sub-materials. 2x 2048 normal map, 2x 2048 RGBA multimap (diffuse-roughness-dirtmap-transparency) + 512 colour variation overlay, for the hulls. 1024 decal/ident sheet. All textures tinted in-engine aside from decals.

Also using vertex colour all over the ship to generate mesh based selection masks at no performance cost.

High res shots at http://imgur.com/a/iUz8z

Hans palm eq01
Hans palm eq05
Hans palm eq10
Hans palm eq02
Hans palm eq06
Hans palm eq07
Hans palm eq08
Hans palm eq03
Hans palm eq09
Hans palm eq04
Hans palm skin1

Regular skin

Hans palm skin6

Black Edition skin

Hans palm skin7

Acid Thunder skin

Hans palm skin3

Titan Pro skin

Hans palm skin4

Hera skin

Hans palm skin5

Purple Edition skin

Hans palm skin2

Enceladus skin

Hans palm comp01

Comparison GIF 1

Hans palm comp02

Comparison GIF 2

Hans palm 1fgnh66